Concepts & Principles

Background papers, primers, etc, information that helps the reader better understand the concepts and principles related to responsible data.

Responsible Data Concerns with Open Source Intelligence

Open source intelligence (OSINT) is based on publicly available information, both offline and online. OSINT has proven itself to be extremely valuable in a wide range of industries, from business intelligence to investigative journalism and humanitarian relief. Corporations such as Goldman Sachs use publicly sourced market and political intelligence to identify risks, while international NGOs protect their […]

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Developing and operationalizing Responsible Data Policies

  A friend reminded me earlier this month at the MERL Tech Conference that a few years ago when we brought up the need for greater attention to privacy, security and ethics when using ICTs and digital data in humanitarian and development contexts, people pointed us to Tor, encryption and specialized apps. “No, no, that’s […]

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Girl Effect Girl Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines

Summaries and recordings of discussion mini-series on de-identifying data

In response to requests from the community to address questions and challenges around de-identifying data, we hosted an online discussion mini-series on this topic from June to November 2015. While there is a clear understanding of the importance of de-identifying data and the possible harms that can result from questionable practices, there is also confusion […]

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This resource was produced in a Responsible Data Forum.

Data vizualisation – links and articles

A living collection of articles and links about data visualisation – for the RDF event on Data Vis. To add resources to this list please tweet at #RDFviz! Interesting articles and debates   The Style Guide Collection – PolicyViz A collection of guides from different organizations primarily aimed at showing people in these organizations how […]

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DataViz—The UnEmpathetic Art

Can dataviz evoke empathy? Should it even? And if so how? First post in a series towards The Responsible Data Forum on the topic of Data Visualization, Jan 2016, NYC. by Mushon Zer-Aviv (@mushon) “If I look at the mass I will never act. If I look at the one, I will.” —Mother Teresa A […]

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Utopian and Dystopian Theories of Change – A Template

Widely-held Opinion (to which I subscribe): There is a huge amount of potential power to be unlocked in non-profits using technology in their quest for positive change in the world.

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This resource was produced in a Responsible Data Forum.

The Responsible Resource Creator Manifesto – new draft published

Practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds are continuing to develop the Responsible Resource Creator Manifesto, which aims to address the fact that resources and materials created for the development and human rights sectors aren’t always properly maintained or cared for after their release. 

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