Getting Data

Information and data are an increasingly important part of advocacy work, but they can also put communities and activists at risk if not managed carefully and responsibly. These resources will help you think through what (if any) data you need; where it will come from; and how to get it in a way that ensures it is reliable, credible and useful.

Utopian and Dystopian Theories of Change – A Template

Widely-held Opinion (to which I subscribe): There is a huge amount of potential power to be unlocked in non-profits using technology in their quest for positive change in the world.

This resource can help you with: Getting DataManaging dataResponding to crisisSharing Data
Issue areas: Data qualityData re-useIdentity, anonymity & privacyInformed consentPeople’s agency & ownership
This resource was produced in a Responsible Data Forum.

Responsible data challenges in humanitarian and advocacy organisations: what are the differences?

We were excited to take part in an event in late February on ‘Responsible Data for Humanitarian Response’, which aimed to better understand how humanitarian organisations can collect and manage data in a way that respects individuals’ rights to consent, privacy, security and ownership

Informed consent challenges for photography in low-resource contexts

This paper from BMC Medical Ethics discusses ethical concerns of researchers using photography in countries including Nepal, Malawi, Gambia, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Thailand, Zambia and Peru: Obtaining full informed consent was considered the biggest challenge to “ethical photography”. The meaning of informed consent seemed to vary from a relaxed interpretation to full disclosure of risks and […]

This resource can help you with: Getting Data
Issue areas: Informed consent

Responsible humanitarian and disaster response project lifecycle

This is a guide to planning the various stages of a project involving data, with sections for people starting out on a project or those already halfway through an initiative. In particular, check out the sections on closing a project successfully, including designing projects with a finite lifespan and enforcing a definitive ‘hands-off’ date (p.8). Where this […]

This resource can help you with: Getting DataSharing Data
Issue areas: Data re-useIdentity, anonymity & privacyPeople’s agency & ownership
This resource was produced in a Responsible Data Forum.