Getting Data

Information and data are an increasingly important part of advocacy work, but they can also put communities and activists at risk if not managed carefully and responsibly. These resources will help you think through what (if any) data you need; where it will come from; and how to get it in a way that ensures it is reliable, credible and useful.

Frameworks for responsible ICT innovation and research

The Framework for Responsible Research and Innovation in ICT project is a three-year effort to investigate how to conduct ICT research in general in a responsible manner, funded by the UK’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Many of the issues discussed and resources provided are relevant to concerns expressed in Responsible Data Forum events. The project has three […]

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Developing an Organisational Policy for Responsible Data

While applications of data have the potential to enable organisations like Oxfam to be more needs-driven and responsive, data also has the capability to put communities at risk if the related processes are not responsibly designed or managed. Adopting meaningful approaches to data security and ethical methodology is not a new effort within Oxfam, or […]

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Issue areas: Identity, anonymity & privacy

Draft code of ethics and standards for social data

The Big Boulder Initiative, a non-profit organisation that seeks to establish standards for social media companies, has recently published a Code of Ethics & Standards, which it describes as ‘a starting point for articulating and honoring the most ethical business practices surrounding social data and its use for organisations.’

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Issue areas: Identity, anonymity & privacyPeople’s agency & ownership

RD Book: Shooting your hard drive into space

This book, organized around the data lifecycle, highlights responsible data concerns, recommendations, and real-world examples in the context of international development programming.

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This resource was produced in a Responsible Data Forum.