If information is in any way meaningful for the work you do, and if you plug anything into a power source, you are probably working with data. Anyone producing, managing or sharing data that reflects on individuals has a responsibility to respect the rights and dignity of people reflected in that data, and avoid doing harm. These resources will introduce you to the need for a more responsible approach to using data in advocacy, and will give you tools to be a champion for this approach within your organization.

Primer on Responsible Data in Development

A framework for how to advocate for responsible data practices inside your international development organization.

This resource can help you with: Awareness-Raising
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This resource was produced in a Responsible Data Forum.

Keeping the #RDFbuda energy buzzing

There was some serious responsible data energy produced in Budapest this week! It’s 2:15am but I’m still buzzing. Thanks so much @engnroom & @aspirationtech for three amazing days at #RDFbuda — max richman (@richmanmax) October 2, 2014 Aspiration led the RDF Responsible Resource Sprint at the home of Open Society Archives. In many ways this […]

This resource can help you with: Awareness-RaisingGetting DataManaging dataResponding to crisisSharing Data
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Liveblog: Responsible Data Forum

09:00AM The first Responsible Data Forum is about to kick off! The room is filling up with participants, spirits are high and brains are firing up. The room is composed of a large and diverse group of people interested in defining the perils and pitfalls, best practices and collaborations around responsibility in data collection from […]