People’s agency & ownership

The idea of agency implies that people should be enabled to influence how data relating to them is conceived of, collected and used. These resources provide examples, ideas and tools to help you integrate these complex issues into the design of your project.

Draft code of ethics and standards for social data

The Big Boulder Initiative, a non-profit organisation that seeks to establish standards for social media companies, has recently published a Code of Ethics & Standards, which it describes as ‘a starting point for articulating and honoring the most ethical business practices surrounding social data and its use for organisations.’

This resource can help you with: Getting DataManaging data
Issue areas: Identity, anonymity & privacyPeople’s agency & ownership

RD Book: Shooting your hard drive into space

This book, organized around the data lifecycle, highlights responsible data concerns, recommendations, and real-world examples in the context of international development programming.

This resource can help you with: Awareness-RaisingGetting DataManaging dataResponding to crisisSharing Data
Issue areas: Data qualityData re-useIdentity, anonymity & privacyInformed consentPeople’s agency & ownership
This resource was produced in a Responsible Data Forum.

Liveblog: Responsible Data Forum

09:00AM The first Responsible Data Forum is about to kick off! The room is filling up with participants, spirits are high and brains are firing up. The room is composed of a large and diverse group of people interested in defining the perils and pitfalls, best practices and collaborations around responsibility in data collection from […]