Identity, anonymity & privacy

Data can have real consequences for real people, and often these consequences are as unintended as they are harmful. This is regularly the case when Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is published, or when seemingly innocuous data is mashed and collated with other datasets. These resources provide strategies and tools for protecting identity, providing anonymity and respecting privacy.

Responsible Data Forum on Private Sector Data Sharing

This post is crossposted at Global Pulse and Data & Society Research Institute. On July 24th, approximately 30 experts from private sector, academia, civil society, law, and philanthropy convened in New York for a Responsible Data Forum on the topic of private sector data sharing for the public good. The topic of “data philanthropy” is ripe for exploration and interrogation, […]

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Issue areas: Identity, anonymity & privacyInformed consent

Liveblog: Responsible Data Forum

09:00AM The first Responsible Data Forum is about to kick off! The room is filling up with participants, spirits are high and brains are firing up. The room is composed of a large and diverse group of people interested in defining the perils and pitfalls, best practices and collaborations around responsibility in data collection from […]