Data Integrity Users Guide

This guide provides a framework to understand the level of risk inherent in any SMS-based activity, given the vulnerabilities and threats that may arise when using FrontlineSMS.

It sets out the weaknesses inherent in the SMS platform and its operating context, and how these weakness could allow an unauthorized user to see, change, corrupt or remove sensitive information . It also outlines actions to mitigate the risks posed by information being lost, changed or read by unauthorized third parties. It focuses on ‘data integrity’ rather than ‘mobile security’ to allow a focus on the general issues of confidentiality, authenticity, availability, and usability of information regardless of the context.

Where this lives:

Where this came from: This was developed by FrontlineSMS for users of its platform designing, implementing, and monitoring their programs with data integrity concerns in mind.

Status: This resource is complete and ready for use.

This can help you with: Managing dataResponding to crisis
Issue areas: Identity, anonymity & privacy

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Published on: 22 Dec 2014
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