Stockholm Internet Forum, May 16 2017

Open Source Investigation for Human Rights

Responsible Data Forum: Open Source Investigation for Human Rights

Stockholm Internet Forum, May 16 2017


Hörsalen, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Södermalm (Stockholm)



This RDF was held in Stockholm on May 16th, 2017; for reading materials and resources on open source investigation for human rights, check out this collection of links, and the wiki.

Digital data offer a powerful opportunity for documenting human rights violations, giving visibility to human rights advocacy, and supporting collaboration between researchers and multi-disciplinary stakeholders. The possibilities for finding and acquiring data to assist in documenting human rights violations are ever-growing, but the most ethical way of dealing with this secondary data is not always clear. This workshop will begin with a panel comprising international expertise from technology, journalism, human rights documentation and law to discuss their experience working on open source investigations and the responsible and ethical use of citizen and open-source data. Following the panel will be a series of participatory facilitated discussions around four key themes: law and policy, verification, vicarious trauma, and processing data. The outcome of the workshop will be a series of responsible data considerations and challenges for human rights advocates and researchers when working on open source investigations, drawn from the four tracks.

Responsible Data Forum is a collaborative effort to develop useful tools and strategies for dealing with the ethical, security and privacy challenges facing data-driven advocacy. This event will employ a participatory methodology that enables participant collaboration on the development of actual tools and resources such as guidelines, checklists, frameworks and hopefully creative tools we haven’t yet thought of!  A key outcome of this event will be the sharing of the developed tools with others outside of this event to promote and test the content, and develop further iterations.

List of panelists:

The #RDFSIF panel will be moderated by Zara Rahman, Research Lead at The Engine Room.
Alexa KoenigExecutive Director, Human Rights Center
Sam DubberleyManager of Digital Verification Corps, Amnesty International
Madeleine BairSenior Adviser, Watching Western Sahara
Tom TrewinnardDirector of Development, Meedan
Alix DunnExecutive Director and Co-Founder, The Engine Room


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We will be adding resources as we find them and linking to our blogpost on #RDFSIF here.

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Stockholm Internet Forum, May 16 2017