The Responsible Data Forum is a collaborative effort to produce resources that will help activists and small organizations make smart decisions and protect their stakeholders when using data in advocacy. All outputs from the Forum are developed in response to demand, and are tested and validated by end users, at Forum events and in the fields.

We’re in early days still, working to understand what will make specific tools and strategies not only useful, but useable and accessible. As these resources become ready for testing and sharing, we’ll be posting them on this page. In the meantime, here are some examples of outputs we’re working on:

  • Should my website have SSL? A splash site designed to help people think and learn about the importance of secure online communication
  • Primer on Responsible Open Data
  • Do No Harm Checklist for collecting data on vulnerable populations
  • Draft Policy for sharing data in humanitarian emergencies
  • Guidelines for providing and accessing responsible hosting (of websites and other data)
  • Checklist for opening data on land rights and ownership
  • Checklist for designing SMS reporting systems
  • Education materials on data life-cycles within organizations

Have a question or want to get involved? Send an email to responsible_data@lists.theengineroom.org.

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