Respecting privacy when publishing data from police departments and freedom of information requests

Alice Brennan, Fidel Martinez and Susan McGregor on dealing with data from the police, lawsuits and freedom of information requests in a way that respects privacy, with examples, at SXSW:

Transforming and linking public records from Miami Gardens reveals public harassment: over half the population had been stopped and frisked.

…Much of the story’s power comes from the concentration and location of stop-and-frisk incidents, but how could these be mapped responsibly?

…Though we wanted to make the set available and searchable as a service, the privacy concerns were too great, especially because we knew the data was falsified by police.

Heatmaps Miami Gardens

Full slides:

This can help you with: Sharing Data
Issue areas: Identity, anonymity & privacyInformed consent

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Published on: 27 Mar 2015
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