Conducting interviews with survivors of sexual or gender-based violence

This guide provides tips on filming an interview with someone who has experienced sexual or gender-based violence.

It includes an emphasis on doing no harm – directly or indirectly – to your interviewee in the process of capturing their story. Page 11, on informed consent in video interviews, is particularly useful. 

Where this lives:

Where this comes from: This guide was produced by Witness as part of its Video for Change series.

Status: This resource is complete and ready for use.

This can help you with: Getting Data
Issue areas: Informed consent

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  1. SK (reply)

    11 January 2016 at 7:33 am

    The Scribd link requires a subscription for $8.99 or more.

    Best to link directly to WITNESS’s library. It does require submitting an email address, then checking your email, in order to receive the link to download.

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Published on: 22 Dec 2014
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