The potential benefits of re-using open government data responsibly

The European Public Sector Information Platform has published a report on re-using open government data responsibly:

Organizations and individuals have usually put the burden of mitigating risks on governments’ shoulders, pressuring them to release data that already carries no potential privacy or security dangers….[but] there is now an increasing understanding about duties and responsibilities related to open government data re-use.

It argues that, for organisations seeking to re-use government data:

having a moral responsibility to protect rights of others can make governments trust re-users more and make the release of data quicker.

re-useThe report refers to many of the different resources being developed by participants in the Responsible Data Forum – it’s great to see different organisations making use of them. Have you used any of them in your work? Are there any resources missing that you need? Let us know in the comments, or join the discussion list.

Image by Filipos Trineros
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Issue areas: Data re-use

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Published on: 4 Mar 2015
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