Template for requesting third-party use of data

/ January 29, 2015

This form provides a template for a form allowing third party use of the data under conditions governing responsible, respectful and ethical research. It is a useful example of a form that any third party requesting to use data collected during a project should complete, including specific conditions for which individual identifiers should be removed before publishing.

Where this comes from: This was produced by the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative.
Status: Completed.

About the contributor

Maya is an interdisciplinary technologist, researcher and improvisational electronic musician based in Berlin. In 2012, she worked with Development Seed, building websites and interactive maps. Later, she worked as a research assistant for Gabriella Coleman investigating the politics of hackers, and as a radio show host for a feminist, artist-run centre. She is now working with organizations of all sizes to influence their security culture, in addition to managing and developing new internal tech processes for a distributed organization.

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