Responsible Data Community Retrospective series: 12 articles about the state of the Responsible Data work

/ February 15, 2022

It has been 8 years since the RD community first came to life. Since then over 1000 members from various backgrounds, expertise, and experiences joined and contributed to the nuanced conversation about how to best use data for good.

To celebrate this anniversary we asked 12 RD community members to share their thoughts and reflections on responsible data. Here, we are sharing the resulting series of articles on topics ranging from data accountability and inclusivity to overall data literacy and much-needed systemic regulations.

You can find all of the articles on the Anniversary website, which we launched especially for the occasion:

To us, this anniversary collection of articles is a testimony to the complexity of Responsible Data as a topic. With no absolute answers available, the best way forward is to ask questions, engage in conversations, and push best practices forward. This balancing act of trying to do the right thing, with people’s rights and dignity at the heart of everything, is what the RD community is all about.

We will spend the next month highlighting the 12 articles (in digestible bites!) internally on the listserv and publicly on Twitter. Keep an eye out for #ResponsibleData and join the conversation.

If you have edits, suggestions, or any other ideas inspired by the series, please reach out directly to Alicja, the RD Community Manager at In the meantime, we do hope you will enjoy all 12 articles. May they put you in a state of critical reflection.

Happy Anniversary!

About the contributor

Alicja is a consultant, researcher, and a participation strategist interested in technology, culture, and social change. Her experiences include setting up digital communications and participation strategies for companies, social organizations, and cultural institutions such as the LEGO Foundation, Liminal, Danish Statens Museum for Kunst, New Economy Organisers Network, TechSoup, and an artists run gallery Vi lever på polsk.

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