Template for requesting third-party use of data

This form provides a template for a form allowing third party use of the data under conditions governing responsible, respectful and ethical research. It is a useful example of a form that any third party requesting to use data collected during a project should complete, including specific conditions for which individual identifiers should be removed before publishing.

Where this lives: https://www.urbanreproductivehealth.org/sites/mle/files/third_party_data_request_form_-_senegal_july_2015.pdf

Where this comes from: This was produced by the Urban Reproductive Health Initiative.

Status: This resource is complete.

This can help you with: Sharing Data
Issue areas: No categories

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  1. Anon (reply)

    8 February 2016 at 9:20 pm

    Resource is 404 🙁

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Published on: 29 Jan 2015
Discussion: 1 Comment