Responsibility in hosting
Amsterdam, May 19 2014

/ May 19, 2014


Greenhost, Weesperstraat 3 1018 DN Amsterdam, The Netherlands


This Responsible Data Forum aimed to explore the challenges facing public advocacy initiatives who host data online, and hosting providers who provide them with services. Some of the use cases considered included:

  • An NGO mapping crisis data and providing online tools to access that data.
  • A hosting provider active in the civil society sector wanting to adhere (and be known to adhere) to high privacy, security, and ethics standards
  • An organization designing a website that allows anonymous reports of citizens towards a specific subject.
  • A technology firm doing development work for an activist group

The forum aimed to explore the ethical, privacy and security challenges posed by hosting and running an online system for data gathering, sharing, and storing, and develop responses to meet those challenges.

Forum outputs included:

What is an RDF event?

The Responsible Data Forum event series are small, issue-based convenings to bring together advocates, technologists, to collaboratively develop materials for addressing the unintended consequences of using data in specific sectors. Over the past four years, we have developed a participatory methodology to enable creative development of prototypes and resources at the event itself, making the most of our in-person time. After the event, we share the tools more widely and seek to continue working on them.

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