The Responsible Data Forum is a collaborative effort to develop useful tools and strategies for dealing with the ethical, security and privacy challenges facing data-driven advocacy. RDF activities include organizing events; fostering discussion between communities; developing and testing concrete tools; disseminating useful information; and advocating for advocates and their supporters to improve the way they work with data.
The Forum is a collaboration between Amnesty InternationalAspiration, The Engine Room, Greenhost, HURIDOCSLeiden University’s Peace Informatics Lab, Open Knowledge and Ushahidi.

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Open Source Investigation for Human Rights

16 May 2017, Stockholm

Human Rights Documentation

29 March 2016, San Francisco

Responsible Data For Human Rights Funders

19 January 2016, San Francisco

Data Visualization

15 January 2016, New York

Documentary photography and photojournalism

28 March 2015, New York

Human rights documentation

21-22 March 2015, Manila

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Announcing the next Responsible Data community call: what is the GDPR and what does it mean for me?
Announcing the next Responsible Data community call: what is the GDPR and what does it mean for me?
On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect in all member states of the European Union. The regulation was designed with the idea to give control back to citizens and residents over their personal data, and to create a uniform data protection law across member countries. The new regulation and the approaching implementation date is provoking lots of questions [...]
Indigenous peoples and responsible data: an introductory reading list
Indigenous peoples and responsible data: an introductory reading list
Last month, a member of the Responsible Data community asked the mailing list about responsible data protocols for indigenous communities. This prompted the community to share what turned out to be a wealth of resources. We’ve collected them all below. Together, they offer an introduction to the topic of responsible data protocols for indigenous communities. We’d like to thank Eimear Farrell, A[...]
Measuring what Matters (Human Rights) and doing it responsibly
Measuring what Matters (Human Rights) and doing it responsibly
This post was written by Anne-Marie Brook, co-founder of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative (HRMI). Currently, HRMI is accepting nominations for countries to participate in their pilot project; nominations close Friday, September 15. If you’d like to find out how to submit a nomination, or share your ideas more generally, email Anne-Marie at If you’d like to sign[...]
How we are redesigning
How we are redesigning
As you might have heard by now, we are redesigning, the website for the responsible data community! The redesign is funded by Stanford’s Philanthropy and Civil Society team, who brought together the Good Data Collaborative - including SIMLab, the Center for Democracy and Technology, and the Future of Privacy Forum - to identify gaps in resources that support civil societ[...]

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Below is a collection of responsible data resources that have been prototyped at Forums and are currently under development. Each resource is presented here with a short description and a link to its home on a wiki, on github or elsewhere. Additional resources produced by others are available on the resources page. Get in touch with the resource focal point if you'd like to contribute or to stress test.

The Data Visualization Style Guide Collection

The Big Data Framework

Holistic Information Security for Human Rights Documentation

Introducing New Tech Into A Low Tech Environment

Summaries and recordings of discussion mini-series on de-identifying data

Responsible humanitarian and disaster response project lifecycle

Data Risk Checker

Tools for Online Collaboration

Newbie Guide on Selecting Hosting Providers

Why Should My NGO Care About Responsible Data?

Responsible Data Visualisation

Messaging Matrix to Advocate for Responsible Data

RD Book: Shooting your hard drive into space

Developing Consent Policies

Data & Marginalized Communities: Questions to Ask Frequently

Atomized Security Plan for Organizations

Resource Creator Manifesto

Primer on Responsible Data in Development

De-Identification Suggestions

Data in the Project Lifecycle

Designing Responsible SMS Reporting Systems

Should my website have SSL?